MISS KEFIR - Singapore's Kefir & Kombucha Specialist
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Miss Kefir makes artisan milk kefir, kefir soda and kombucha using live grains and scobys.

Our products are cultured in small batches and bottled by hand, ensuring that each serving is full of beneficial bacteria and yeasts to support gut health, naturally.

We deliver every day except Wednesday. Choose from morning, afternoon or evening delivery slots. Same day delivery for orders before 3pm. Minimum order is $31.00 with $10.00 delivery fee. Free delivery for orders above $58.00.

As our products are alive, they should be refrigerated immediately upon receipt.

For enquiries, kindly call +65 64930201 or text 9198-6016 (WhatsApp only). Thank you!

We accept PayPal and Credit Cards via Stripe (we use secure services and do not handle your credit card information).

Kefir Soda

A mild and refreshing, slightly fizzy sweet and sour probiotic drink with 10-15 strains of good bacteria and yeast. Brewed with organic raw cane sugar and live tibicos grains, and fermented over 48 hours. Gluten-free, dairy-free, suitable for vegans.


A sour, slightly sweet and fizzy probiotic drink made from tea and organic sugar, fermented for two weeks to bring out beneficial bacteria, yeasts and enzymes. Improves digestion, boosts immunity, cleanses liver. Gluten-free, dairy-free, contains caffeine.

Honey Mill

Carefully selected pure honey sourced from various countries. A healthy natural sweetener perfect for mixing with kefir or enjoying in drinks or in food.